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Patty Carney-Bradley brings both academic and real world experience to the area of developing children. She has over 35 years of teaching experience, 25 of those with adolescents. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education and her Parent Education License from the University of Minnesota and her Gifted Education License from Hamline University. Patty began her teaching career working with adolescents for 15 years before honing her talents working with adults for 10 years teaching Parent Education. She retired from her teaching career working with Gifted and Talented adolescents for the Edina Public Schools in 2006. Her experience working with both adolescents and parents throughout her career provides the strong foundation to her Girl’s Academy curriculum.

Throughout her career, Patty has been relentless in her efforts to try to help empower parents, professionals and others interested in helping young females reach their full potential. She has lectured extensively since 1990 nationally and locally, including such sites as: 3M Company, St. Paul Companies, American Express, Minnesota Life, Pillsbury, University of Minnesota, College of St. Thomas, Kiwanis and Rotaries, as well as numerous schools and churches.

Besides teaching parents and teachers, Patty has been teaching self-esteem and empowerment classes to pre-adolescent girls since 1992 through a program she developed called "Girls' Academy" to rave reviews from students, parents and teachers. She has recently packaged her 16 years experience into a curriculum whose goal is to spark dialogue between young females and those that care about them and to replace feelings of helplessness and powerlessness with skills and techniques that can make a positive impact on young females and encourage them to reach for their dreams!

Patty is the proud parent of a successful grown son and daughter. She has also been known to give advice on occasion to her husband as well.


The Girls' Academy program is scheduled to be published in January, 2012. If you are interested in purchasing a copy or would like to contact Patty regarding arranging a speaking engagement, please contact her by phone, e-mail or mail:

       phone: (952) 925-4504 / e-mail:
Patty Carney-Bradley
4018 W. 65th St., Suite 100
Edina MN 55435

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