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Successful Females
Patty Carney-Bradley
4018 W. 65th St.
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Edina MN 55435

"We really thought this class for our daughter was excellent! Not often enough are these topics discussed with girls this age. We really appreciated the daily communication home through the newsletter — sometimes it's hard to get the conversation going with kids and this provided us with that vehicle."
Sandra Johnson, parent (Girls' Academy)

"Patty's class was exceptional! She is a phenominal teacher and my daughter loved every minute of class!"
Hilary Crowell, parent (Girls' Academy)

"Patty is an awesome, amazing, really cool person. She is a really confidant lady and helps me feel more confident and happy. If I get up on the wrong side of the bed, she really cheers me up!"
Crystal Seizert, student (Girls' Academy)

"I really thought this was an excellent class for my daughter! It was pertinent and meaningful to her, and so effective... I know its effects will be long lasting. I also appreciated all the handouts, booklists and teacher communication."
Maria Savage, parent (Girls' Academy)

"Patty's class, Parenting Successful Daughters. changed my life. She opened my eyes to the very subtle ways females are being discouraged in this culture and provided concrete, sympathetic suggestions on how we as parents can empower our daughters to reach their full potential."
Charlie Bolger, parent (Parenting Successful Daughters)

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